How to Solve Internal Server Error in WordPress

You are not first time facing this problem, this is very common problem, and even I also faced many times within this problem. First time got worry, but now this is very silly problem for me, I believe after reading this article that will be easy for you. Don’t worry about these much, if you will not be able to solve this problem after reading this article just ask me, I am always here to help. Even you can hire to solve your problems, search this page carefully, my full details should be here! Continue reading “How to Solve Internal Server Error in WordPress”

How to Transfer Web Email Account and Mails between cPanel

This is common issue to transfer hosting from one server to another, I already shared few tutorials for those, especially to transfer WordPress one server to another. As a freelancer this is a very common task for me to transfer. Even my working style is to develop site on my sample domain and server, then show that to client or client of clients. When everything will be done, I transfer that site to live domain, that’s why live site will not be effected or there will not be less down time, maybe 2 minutes maximum. Even I being hired on Upwork for transfer clients’ server, it’s very easy to transfer WordPress or other sites will just take times to download and upload files (if I will go for manually transfer), if I will go for FTP transfer that will take 10 minutes maximum. But many of my clients’ feel worry about their email accounts and messages what is on their old server. LOL these are more easy to transfer rather than WordPress! I am going to show this today, don’t worry about this, these will be easy from today. If you will face problem, don’t worry about it, just ask me on the comment or send mail to our official mail address, I will reply as soon as possible.
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How to Hide WordPress PHP Error Warning and Notifications

It’s a very painful for a developer, while shows PHP warning and notification, this can show for plugin or theme or for WordPress. For newbie it’s very hard to solve that problem and client became angry, blame why you did this? Don’t worry here is Munshi brother to help you always. Just ask Munshi or read this post.
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How to Increase File Import Size and PHP Limit in XAMPP/WAMP

Last month I was trying to upload a big new paper site to rebuild, SQL file size was 4MB, I was not aware XAMPP’s default SQL upload size is 2MB, problem! Got a good solution for it to increase file import size. I am sure this is a very common facing many developers, I am going to relief them, it’s very simple but effective. While I was trying to upload 4MB size SQL, which was showing this error message:
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How to Transfer Files Server to Server using PHP

It’s a very common task or daily task to transfer files one server to another. Usually we develop sites to our test domain, show to client and when everything ready here, I transfer files to their server and setup. To transfer files manually much time consuming and bandwidth consuming. FTP client like Filezilla take much times as Filezilla don’t have option to unzip, so have to transfer one by one. I was searching for script that allows file transfer one server to another, which will less time consuming and bandwidth. Thanks David for his great tutorial, tried, that working good, that’s why I am going to share that, which will help you as well me to follow further.
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How to Increase PHP Memory Limit in WordPress

WordPress is light and consumes very little memory by default. But now WordPress became very dynamic, in my sense nothing is impossible with WordPress, I reviewed some of high functionality sites using WordPress, like Payoneer, Upwork, Facebook using some other their pages. So default memory consumption pattern is not enough, even to make small website in WordPress. We have to increase PHP limit in order to avoid Memory Size Exhausted Error. Like this one:
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How to Increase Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

On maximum hosting package what we normally use, there WordPress shows maximum limit of file upload is 2MB. But we need to upload big images, audio, video; more than 2MB, it’s very disturbing to use cPanel or FTP every time. Yes this article is for you, who is facing these problems. In this article I will show you how to increase maximum file upload size in WordPress.
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