Hosting and Support

We are caring about you and about your website, even after its live with secured web hosting and technical supports, we will assure you that our server’s uptimes, almost 99.99% uptime so your website is available to your visitors anywhere and anytime, See our Servermore Hosting Company.
We maintain our servers 24/7 and we provide regular status updates to keep you updated of issues when they arise. Our support team will always with you, they are always ready to help you.

Coordination and Management

We will help you transfer your domain and hosting to our server and or from our server, as we are highly experienced on transferring and server management, we will give you supports to manage your existing server or transfer hosting providers, even those are not on our server. Our server management engineers always ready to give you supports. We always give you priority for managing domain name and DNS records, you can manage all these yourself or can get helps from our engineers.

What do we do?

We offer secured, the greatest hosting speeds and customer service. Our servers are maintained 24/7, we provide regular status updates and technical support team always ready to help you. Also we are expert on Server Setup, Server Management, Linux Server Management, DNS Management, Hosting Transfer, Domain Transfer, Security Enhancement, WordPress Security Enhancement, SSL Setup, CDN Setup, Loading Time Optimization etc.

Who will contact with you

We love to serve you individually and sincerely. So our CEO Munshi Jahangir Zinnat will be contact person always. He will manage you and your project directly, will show you progresses, will help you how to manage what we created, will send you documentation and will give you further supports.

how and when to pay

We are generous about these terms, always client first. For individual clients, we will start working without any payment from you, When will half done and after your review we will ask you for half milestone. After completing full project we will ask you for remaining payments. For Outsourcing Partner, we will not bill you until you get payments from your client. But you have to pay bills, if you will not get payments from your client. For trusted partners, we will not bill you until you get payments from your client even if you will not get payment from your client that will be negotiable.

Our Preferred Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Payza, Bank Transfer, bKash, DBBL, UpWork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer, Western Union, Money Gram etc.

Privacy Policy and TOS

We are too much strict about your privacy. This is our duty to make all these private. If you want we can have Non-Disclosure Agreement. Most important for outsourcing partner and trusted partner, sites’ development credits and other credits everything will go for you, we understand that you are outsourcing.

Security Enhancement

Now security is very important factor. Your website can be hacked or suffered from malware infection anytime. Yes we all know how painful that would be. We also help you to enhance securities, help you to setup 2 steps verification (even on WordPress), setup SSL, by updating CHMOD files and folders permissions, by regular backup, by malware scanning and malware removing (if found), by changing admin URL path etc.

Loading Time Optimization

We are very much experienced on loading time optimization, we increase ranks on Google Page Speed Insight, YSlow and Pingdom up to 90% (on Google Page Speed Insight). We optimize caches, trim down JavaScript parsing, possibly remove redirection, minify CSS files, minify JS files, optimize image size, setup CDN (if required) etc.

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