How to Get PayPal API Credentials to Integrate PayPal to Online Shop or Shopping Cart

To configure auto return settings for online shop or shopping cart, especially on WooCommerce, WooCommerce will ask for PayPal API Credentials, like API username, API password and API signature or fingerprint. It’s really easy to get APIs from PayPal and add those to WooCommerce, both of those already have options to get or to add. We just need some clicks to get and add those APIs.

How to Get PayPal API Credentials

Login to your PayPal account and go to Profile and then from Business Profile Menu click on Profile and Settings (the profile icon on the top right).


From left menu click on My Selling Tools, In the Selling Online section, click the Update link for the API Access item


Click on Request API Credentials, if you don’t have API created. If you already created API, click on View API Signature.


Here you will get API username, password, signature (fingerprint), like these. (Photo Credit: PayPal)


Just copy those, then login to WordPress (I am showing WordPress and WooCommerce, will be more or less options for other CMS)

From WordPress Dashboard, mouse hover on WooCommerce, then Settings, then Checkout, then PayPal, on bottom of page there are API Credentials sections, paste those codes accordingly, then click on save.


That’s it! Thank You!

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