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Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Animatix Records launched two brand new albums on Saturday. The albums are ‘Tribute from Bangladesh 2’ and ‘Project Rock 2’. ‘Tribute from Bangladesh 1’ was released almost three years ago while ‘Project Rock 1’ was released two years ago. Hence, the anticipation for these two albums was huge. Both are mixed band albums.
Animatix Records always tries to promote and give a platform to new artists and bands. The albums were launched by Isha Khan Duray (Producer, Ekushey Music Lab) and Aminur Rashid (Radio Vubon). Aldnane Alam (Arbovirus), Shaik Salekin (12 am), Iftekharul Islam Rumon (ME Label representative) and Kazi Kawsar Sweet (Rokomari.com) were also present at the launching ceremony.
“Project Rock 2” has 10 songs of mellow rock, soft rock, hard rock and alternative rock genre. Artists are Tripoth, Delta, Frontline Poems, Jatiswar, Error, Camouflaged, Frantic, Banjon The Band, Crystal Rock, and Thousand Dais. The album coordinator is Bappy. He said, “Project Rock’ is an attempt to give a platform to potential bands. Project Rock 2 has featured some very promising bands and they really tried their best for the album. I hope listeners will enjoy their songs.” He further added, “Coordinating an album is a big task. I would like to convey my gratitude to Animatix Records team, especially Kousik, Jiko and Shawon for their efforts. I am happy with the outcome.”
“Tribute From Bangladesh 2” has 14 songs. All the bands covered in the songs in their own style of popular western rock/ metal/ pop trend. Hence although the songs have been heard before, they are in new rendition and thus listeners will find different taste in the songs. Artists who are given tribute are Deatholic (Dio), Bay of Bengal (Megadeth), Oboyob (Pink Floyd), Rasheeq Raihan (Porcupine Tree), Cranial Shadow (Killswitch Engage), Thousand Dais (System of a Down), Demonic (Sepultura), Cave (Creed), Allegation of Crime (Six Feet Under), Art Crimes (Guns N Roses), Nokchurn (Dokken), Studio 13 (Cold Play), Wreckreation (Madonna) and Mahaan With Six Strings (3 Doors Down).
Tj Salam, guitarist and back vocalist of the band Wreckreation said, “Madonna is one of the favourite artist of our vocal Xenobia Nyx and we wanted to make a decent cover rearranging a few things here and there. We have spent quite a few hours composing the riff sections of the song, because we wanted to keep the song intact, yet wanted to add new flair to it. Since this is tribute from Bangladesh, we decided to add tabla and harmonium in the bridge section of the song. I would like to thank Kousik Zaman, for holding his interest in the album despite numerous delays and many bands pulling out of the album! Honestly, the line-up could have been better but yet the entire band showed their talents! Tornado of Souls cover by Bay Of Bengal is my most favourite track out of the whole album! We are just a group of people who get together, have a good time and try to make great music!!!”
Riyadh Hossain, vocalist of Cranial Shadow, said, “We did tribute to the Metalcore legend Killswitch Engage’s one of the most popular track ‘The End of Heartache’. We did some improvisation on this track. Our band is having a good time this year. Guitarist Kenny and Manam are doing their job, making compositions and solos. Drummer Sagar and bassist Sajjad are having a hard time too. We will release another track in one of the mix album after Eid hopefully.”
Arjun from Deatholic said, “Tribute from Bangladesh 2 is one of the most awaited album of the year. We are happy to be a part of it.” The band gave tribute to Dio in a new flavour and new style. YJ Myth’s vocalist said, “This is our first released track. We hope listeners will like it. We are currently busy in compositions.” Basil from Nokchurn said, “Our track is a tribute to one of our favourite band Dokken (Alone again) and we tried our best. We feel great about this album because it is a good platform for upcoming bands to share their talents.”
Rafiqul Alam Tanna from the band Oboyob who has given tribute to the legendary band Pink Floyd said, “Pink Floyd has been our biggest influence. We started as a Pink Floyd cover band and when we got the opportunity to record a tribute song we did not give a second thought and went for Pink Floyd. ‘The Wall’ has been our regular track in live shows. It is the abridged version of all the three parts of Pink Floyd’s most famous rock opera of all time. Part -1 (Reminiscing) tells how our man deals with the news of his father’s death. Part -2 (Education) speaks about his protest against the abusive teachers in school. And Part -3 (Drugs) expresses his rage against the cruel world. A tribute album is a rare thing in our country. And we must say Animatix Records has done a tremendous job pulling this of together. And with the “Bangladesh” name is the album title, it makes us even more proud to be a part of this album.”
Bay of Bengal, the band from Chittagong, who gave tribute to Megadeth, said, “Tornado of Souls has some of the most amazing work done by Megadeth and we tried to cover it in our own style.” Bakhtiar Hossain, vocalist, guitarist and flutist of the band, said, “Bay of Bengal is an Experimental Bengal Rock/Metal band. We love to do Megadeth covers a lot! But now we are working on our debut Album.”
Vocal of Frontline Poems said, “Omorotter Prottasha Noy was made in October’13. Lyrics was written by our lead guitarist Emon and tuned by me. First 4 lines of this song are collected from a legendary song “Jatiswar”by the great lyricist Kabir Suman. Bappy and Saami helped us a lot to compose and record the song. We have become the Airtel Radio Foorti Young Star of the month winner in December’13 for this song. Then the song was also recomposed by the great musician Fuad Almuqtadir. I think this kind of album will help new talented bands to show their potentials and promote their songs. Appreciation by the listeners will encourage them to do better songs.”
Error’s song in Project Rock 2 was ‘Mrittur Unmadona.’ Vocalist of the band Wali said, “It is actually the sequel of our Unreleased Track ‘Tumi Authoba Ekti Cigarette er Golpo’. We’ve tried to express the feeling of a society’s stereotyped ‘Loser’ and his Confusions. Error is a Rock Band from Chittagong and we’re regularly performing both in Dhaka and Chittagong. This is our first Mixed Album and recently we’ve released our Debut EP named ‘Hatred’ under the banner of ME Label.”
Tripoth’s 3rd single is in this album. Vocalist Faisal Azam said, “It’s called “Eto Din”. It’s a romantic song dedicated to those lovers who can’t express their love and are looking for another way of communication. We try to feel the music from our heart and express it through our musical instruments and voice.”
Apu from Thousand Dais said, “System of a Down is one of our favourite bands, so we are very happy to cover their track for Tribute album. ‘Ocheton Nogorir Nagorik’ from Project Rock 2 is about street children in our country”


Sources: Daily Sun

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