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“If you play acoustic guitar you’re the depressed, sensitive guy.”
Elliott Smith would have changed his quote if he had the chance to attend the acoustic guitar night, a four weeks long musical event. It opened on April 24 and took place every Thursday at the Blue Horizon, Jamuna Future Park until May 17. Acoustic events are not really for head bangers, party poppers or dancers. It’s the kind of place people would come and just be captivated by the magic of music, of guitar, of the pure unadulterated acoustic sound. Acoustic guitar night was an event like that.
The interior of Blue Horizon Bistro gracefully illuminated to host the occasion. There was a beautiful charm of blue light and lanterns, with the colorful disc of light on stage to bring in a festive look.
On the first day, the event was started by the band Unspecified. Mahaan Fahim was next. Mahaan
is a famous instrumental guitarist amazing band Oboyob. from Bangladesh who has carved a niche for himself for his famous finger plucking style. Chains, the gift partner of the event had organized a competition with the tenth attendant of the attendant receiving a gift hamper every week. Last on stage was the band Nokchurn. The band had brought in a unique kind of performance with one of them playing drums on the guitar. They concluded the performance as well as the event with a mesmerizing cover of ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.
On the second day, the first to be on stage was the heartthrob band of North South University that is Ozanne. They did few tracks which were applauded by the crowd. The Manager came on stage with their breathtaking flute and acoustic guitar performance. Shaik Salekin, the famous bluesman had come up next with his ukulele and he was accompanied on stage with fellow musicians. Last on stage was the
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Day today
The program started around Next was Page 31. They seemed At the end each day, Nusrat Jahan. 5.45pm with Ananda Ahsan and to enjoy the show equally as the Anindo Mahadi. Ananda is one of audience, just by performing. Page the youngest classical guitarists 31 offered a new experience to the from Bangladesh who has his own acoustic fans. compositions. He composes music for the guitar as well as writes The last on stage were the
On the third day, the participating bands were Blaze, Silver light and Radial Symmetry. Blaze begun with the track ‘Shei Tumi’ of Ayub Bachhu had grasped all attention and people stopped talking and murmuring. It was the kind of impact expected in an acoustic guitar event. Next was Radial Symmetry. They started with the all hailed ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica which was simply superb. Last on slot was Silver light. Silver light is the winning band of Robi Talent Hunt.
The last evening of the 4 series. Acoustic Guitar Night was a showdown of the ultimate acoustic experience. Celebrated acoustic musicians like Alliance Francaise guitar instructor Ananda Ahsan, renowned flutist Anindo Mehedi, talented bands like ‘Page 31’ and the ‘Talentless Hats’ simply burnt the stage with electrifying and moving performances.
orchestral scores. Anindo Mahadi ‘Talentless Hats’. When you see them perform, you can guess that simply they are anything but the talentless was a magician with his musical people! They seemed to be full of instruments. He had brought with energy, despite whatever they did. him few boxes of instruments it was a lalon cover, they had and in each performances, he done complete justice to it with took out those ‘magic boxes and full compassion. If it was a guitar brought out an instrument with work, the effect was mesmerizing. the most divine sound. Sometimes If it was simply a performance of he brought out the flute, another the entire band, there was a lot of time he brought out violin, another synchronization and teamwork time to accompany Ananda in which gave an astounding result. his playing, he brought out hand instruments and he seemed to “We always want events such have equal passion and knowledge as this one on Thursday nights, event. had over flute.
Pritom, CEO of NJ Events and Kousik Zaman, CEO of Animatix Records, honoured the artists with hampers from the label and notes of recognition.
While talking with the organizers, they said, “We always want events such as this one on Thursday nights, where, we can come and relax after a hectic week. That was one reason why we had started this event.”
The event was jointly organized by NJ Events and Animatix Records. The media partners were ABC Radio and Window magazine. The program partner was Guitar Never Lies. Sound partner was Scream; Gift partner was Chains; Instrument partner was Acoustica. Shockwave provided photography solution. The Bangladesh Today was the newspaper partner of the
over all other instruments as he where, we can come and relax after a hectic week. That was one reason why we had started this event.”

Sources: Symposium Magazine

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