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by Oboyob
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Afterm@th, Alternation, Circus Police, Defy, Discipline Breakdown, Divine Sanity, Hell Razers, Inanimate, Inertia, Karnival, Minus+2, Oboyob, Owned, Story Tellers, Strident, Suicide Season, and Trainwreck. A few of the most promising and talented bands in the underground music scenario of our country, all these bands will be appearing in an album named, ‘Play It Now! (A Band Compilation). The album is coordinated by A.K. Samee and Shahed Hossain, the purpose of the album is to promote the bands while presenting the tremendous music that these bands make to the listeners, the album will be released under the label of G-Series. The launching of this album will take place in Geetanjoli at Basundhara City from 5:30PM to 8:00PM on the 4th of November(Click here for the Facebook Event Page).
To All Music Lovers Out There, Youthsparks.com requests you to be there. Buy the album and witness the extreme talents that these bands share amongst them. We guarantee you that this is one album that will not disappoint you and you shall never regret buying this album. An album well worth buying even with your ‘Eid Salaami”. 🙂
Once Again, Do Buy the Album. Support these extremely Talented, Young Musicians cause their
music may serve as your inspiration, your fuel, your motivation, and your love at some point of
your life.
Youthsparks.com hails this brilliant initiative taken by A.K.Samee and Shahed Hossain. We wish the very best to all the participating bands and are eagerly waiting for the release of the album…


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